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Article about plastiikkakirurgia, vatsan muotoilu, lihavuusleikkaus for medicine web-site

Article about plastiikkakirurgia, vatsan muotoilu, lihavuusleikkaus for medicine web-site

Firstly, plastiikkakirurgia is results if positive increase the self-esteem, create internal physical and psychological comfort. Externalities are expressed in the fact that after plastic surgery markedly improves body proportions or balance. The goal of any "plastics", whether it is conducted on the face, chest, buttocks — sculpt them so that it looked aesthetically pleasing and in the highest degree natural. The combined result gives a chance to look the way people want, that is, in their view, approaching the ideal. Maybe this will sound weird, but sometimes big nose on a "specific" person or disproportionately large or small breast size women, can visually spoil the impression of the figure to make it disproportionate. Plastic surgeons aim to correct these deficiencies by bringing each individual characteristic in accordance with the desired results. Appearance after plastic surgery produces a healthier impression and attracts the attention of pronounced physical disabilities. People, who had been under the surgeon's knife, suddenly notice that the way people view them has changed for the better. Of course, don't need to bring the desire to rejuvenate or "change" to the point of absurdity. The patients who have undergone liposuction, can afford to engage in physical exercise, which they never even thought of before surgery. People feel more at ease, because now you can afford to put on an outdoor swimsuit or a suit for aerobics, without attracting close, and they believe, condemning the views of others. All pretty impossible not to stand out from the crowd, figure or facial features, in some cases means success with the opposite sex, peers at work.

Secondly, vatsan muotoilu (abdominoplasty) is a surgical intervention aimed to eliminate the patient's distortion of the right proportions of the anterior abdominal wall and trunk, which were the result of hyperextension of the muscles and increasing the thickness of skin and fat folds of the abdomen. The essence of the operation is to remove the hanging skin of the abdomen, excision of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and correction of discrepancies (diastasis) of the abdominal muscles by pulling. Often during the surgery of tummy tuck you can move the belly button to a new position.

Plastic surgery is a severe test for the organism, so before its implementation should take the full course of the survey. Individual characteristics and body structure are the main indicators on which the surgeon determines the degree of surgical intervention.

Remember that tummy tuck is not a cure for obesity treatment that helps to lose weight. Therefore, it is not carried out at the maximum level of the patient's weight, as in the case of weight loss, the skin will SAG, leading to the appearance of new skin folds, which requires repeated intervention. Therefore, before conducting any operation for the correction of the abdomen, you need to reduce body weight.

Thirdly, lihavuusleikkaus — type of operation, which is often chosen by patients for weight loss. It is no wonder that gastric bypass surgery is considered the "gold standard" bariatric surgeries, after which there is large weight loss. As the results showed, on average, people get rid of 60% to 70% of excess body weight. In all likelihood, the weight will decrease not less than ten years.

It should be noted that as a result of weight loss, many health problems associated with pathological obesity, improved or resolved completely. In addition, gastric bypass reduces the risk of heart attack. Patients with diabetes need less medication and in most cases take the disease under control, and over half of patients stop taking medications for high blood pressure.


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